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What can be missed and not fully appreciated is the multiple ways in which blogging technology can be used. A favourite application of mine is to make ‘pop up’ websites that tell the stories of houses that are being sold and offer more than what is commonly presented by real estate agents. Pop up sites like this one are can be used to convey information that would never get on to the glossy brochures and which might slip the agent’s attention at inspection times. Waller Realty saw the potential and have engaged me to make sites for clients who can see the benefit of telling the story of their house. I visit the houses, interview the clients and present material that is not on the website or in the glossy brochures. Clients have certainly seen the benefit of this modern marketing strategy.

Another site that includes a YouTube video is a property in New South Wales that a friend wanted to help market.

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The owners of Jonquil Hill have sold and are moving and relocating in Tasmania. Here at Waller Realty we wish them well and thank them for taking the time to provide some feedback on their marketing campaign, which included working with a web publishing specialist to publish supplementary material about their property on an individual website.

1. In what way did having a web site impact on the process of selling?The site was viewed by a lot of people, which we found really encouraging. We know we had people come to inspections because of what they read in the blog because they were often able to repeat the details to our agent. It seemed a really effective way to strengthen the process. The blog writer who supported us when we put together ideas helped us focus on the other “assets” of the property and location.

2. How did the web site complement traditional real estate marketing?We felt that the web site gave us an opportunity to tell the story about our house. We could give lots more details about the surrounds, the benefits of the location and some of the features of the property that we thought were important to get across, but with limited words in the traditional advertisement is not achievable. We could also highlight things we loved about the town/region, people and link to groups which had enriched our time while living here.

3. To what extent did presenting additional material impact on your sense of engagement during the process?We could highlight things we knew were the real positives about the house and location, things we had genuinely enjoyed which made it feel like a more active rather than passive process. When you are selling a house it can sometimes feel that everything is in everyone’s else’s hands. This way we were able to ensure prospective buyers would also know what we would like to tell them about the house.

4. What did you see as the the benefit of promoting the lifestyle of Fryerstown and Castlemaine?As so many people move into the area without living here previously it helps to get an idea of the social opportunities beyond the obvious. There are so many groups and ways to link with people to form new networks. We will certainly miss many of the friends we made and the easy lifestyle of living in this region.

5. What will you miss about living in this region? We will miss the friendships and the vibrancy of the town. There is always something to do. We will miss the great Saturday Wesley Hill market and how easy it is to get to other locations in Victoria when you live here.

Content is an imperative



Establishing a new website can be tougher than it sounds. It actually takes a good deal of time, effort, skill and imagination to build and maintain a vibrant web site. Many web designers quite literally tear their hair out, grumbling about the fact that their clients have not provided them with enough content to induce visitors to return.

One of the things that separated Soul Food during its heyday was the fresh, authentic content. It has not been updated for many years now but is so big that it maintains a significant, relevant presence today. This ongoing presence is a result of the authentic, appealing content. Explore a feature such as the Soul Food Alchemy Alphabet and you will find that it is quite literally packed with stimulus that still appeals to the would be writer or artist.


The importance of content was highlighted on a recent visit to amazing Mona (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart. Their hand held iPods contain a plethora of information about the art being viewed and enhanced the visit. By the time you departed you felt you had read lots of fabulous stories and learned a lot, not only about the art that was being exhibited but about the quirky curator.

Likewise, to attract visitors you need to make sure you maintain authentic, updated material.


If you take a close look at the work with Waller Realty in Castlemaine you will see that part of the content includes ‘pop up’ websites featuring properties. Each of these featured properties is treated completely individually and is filled with interesting copy about the ‘story’ of the place.

The Waller Realty blog is maintained with regular posts promoting some aspect of business operation. Posts may be about a testimonial or may feature a property. The side bar is filled with links that paint a picture of the region and the attached Pinterest board provides a local lifestyle snapshot.

So remember: “Web content is the reason that people come to your Web pages. But many Web designers and Web developers forget this in their rush to create the prettiest page or the most interesting architecture or the best interaction. When it comes right down to it, customers are not interested in whether your design has a 3-pixel or a 5-pixel bevel. They don’t care that you’ve built it in Drupal. And they just want the interactivity to work and not get in the way”.    Source: What is Web Content?

With Wings They Fly



There is nothing so gratifying as running a course, seeing the lights go on and have a student fly. Ann Paterson has joined a legion of people who, under the guidance of Heather Blakey, have quite literally taken to WordPress like a duck to water.  Ann found the work on this blog added meaning to her participation in the Exhibition Project at Continuing Education. Of course, then these people turn on you and do things like interview the teacher. And go that step further and publish it on the web! Well done Ann!