Community Blogging

Currently Establishing a Web Hub


Heather Blakey joined the Art Pathways course, at Castlemaine Community Education, in 2013 and has bought her web publishing skills to the Exhibition Project. She is in the process of creating a hub to not only preserve and showcase the work of participants but to feature the work of Continuing Education and the Art Pathways Program.

Heather also runs basic WordPress Publishing courses at the centre. For any further enquiries about this exhibition and other Continuing Education courses offered, please call 5472 3299.

With Wings They Fly


There is nothing so gratifying as running a course, seeing the lights go on and have a student fly. Ann Paterson has joined a legion of people who, under the guidance of Heather Blakey, have quite literally taken to WordPress like a duck to water.  Ann found the work on this blog added meaning to her participation in the Exhibition Project at Continuing Education. Of course, then these people turn on you and do things like interview the teacher. And go that step further and publish it on the web! Well done Ann!

Soul Food Cafe


The internationally acclaimed Soul Food Cafè, built by Heather Blakey, has been a portal for artists and writers for over a decade. It has provided a safe haven where creativity flourishes. The Soul Food Cafè aimed to promote creative pursuits as a daily practice. It is a massive site with over ten major projects, and links to hundreds of purpose built, collaborative blogs. An article entitled Zen and the Art of Blogging highlights just how successful this virtual cafe was during its zenith.

Hepburn U3A


As a Committee Member when living in the Daylesford area, Heather Blakey created this web site to establish a web presence for the Hepburn U3A and, perhaps most importantly, to enable documents, newsletters, enrollment forms and course outlines to be downloaded from the internet. Given the voluntary nature of the organisation this provided a significant saving on stretched reserves.

Not all members were active on the internet at this time but this site has enabled material to be archived. There is the potential for this community to be developed further. It is now in the hands of U3A members and is functioning effectively.

Global2 (Formerly Global Teacher)


Global Teacher, built as a campus of Edublogs, by Heather Blakey, began life as a research project. It has now morphed and operates as Global2.

The original aim was to create a Web 2.0 community and provide a managed virtual learning space where teachers could learn about the potential of Web 2.0,  exchange ideas,  engage their students using a host of internet freeware and then publish the results within blog containers.

Running for over five years this has been a highly successful project which has been applauded by hundreds of teachers across the state.

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