Business Blogs


Heather Blakey is contracted by Waller Realty to establish and maintain a Real Estate Blog and brand using Social Media.

Be it a Builder, a Radio Announcer, a Real Estate Agent, an Electrician, a Kinesiologist, an Author, a Home Crafter or any other business who is seeking a web presence, Heather Blakey has the capacity to work collaboratively to create appropriate web environments. Choosing to work with Heather is a relatively inexpensive option because she promotes the use of freeware and regards herself as successful when clients gain wings and self manage their sites. Having said this, she is contracted by businesses, such as Waller Realty, who prefer to outsource this work.


Heather Blakey worked with Kylie McIndoe to establish an initial web presence for her Kinesiology practice.


Heather and Kerry worked together presenting blogs as an educational tool and in the process Kerry adapted and established her own blogs.


Heather Blakey was contracted to expand Warren Hughes web presence and to ensure that his site was well ranked by Google Search Engines.


Heather Blakey worked with Kristy, teaching her how to use blogger and how to link freeware such as Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook to promote her craft business.


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