Waller Realty Castlemaine


At Waller Realty, the approach to marketing quality property is one that embraces constant innovation and attention to detail. They believe it’s important to recognise that today’s home buyer is more media literate than at any other time in history. As such, their advertising and marketing tools are being constantly up-graded and improved.

Being active online and engaging in social networks has become an essential part of modern communications and marketing. Waller Realty has embraced technology and recognises the importance of understanding the online market. Heather Blakey has been contracted to establish and maintain a real estate blog and manage social media branding.

At Waller Realty clients are being offered a broader digital strategy in order to market their homes. As a part of their marketing campaign they offer vendors the opportunity to work with Heather Blakey, a web publishing specialist, to publish supplementary material about their property on individual websites. Sites not only feature the property but help to demonstrate the benefits of living in this lifestyle rich region.

Here are some samples of ‘pop up’ style websites for properties that have been created by Heather Blakey, in close liaison with the vendors.

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