Blogging Salon

Exposition_Eugène_Grasset_au_Salon_des_CentSalon des Cent (“Salon of the One Hundred”) was a commercial art exhibition in Paris, based at 31 Rue Bonaparte. The Salon sold color posters, prints and reproductions of artwork to the general public at reasonable prices.It was established in February 1894 by Léon Deschamps, founder of La Plume (“The Pen”) an avant garde literary and artistic magazine. It became known for its exhibitions showcasing the works of contemporary graphical artists.The salon held exhibitions until 1900. Many of the posters advertising Salon des Cent exhibitions have themselves become collectors’ items.

Heather Blakey is inviting a small group to join a Creative Blogging Salon which will meet regularly with the view to establishing creative blogs that exhibit and adopt an artistic magazine style.

The group will, as a collective, learn about the vast range of freeware (publishing tools) and apply these to showcase works of a diverse variety.

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